Modis Will Not Be Included Anymore In RCA’s Functioning


The decision was taken in a meeting that was attended by all the newly elected office bearers

The election dust has settled down in the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) and the new team led by CP Joshi has got down to work. Though in action they are sticking to their oft repeated statement- “we will take along all 33 districts of the state”, but have strategically maneuvered their stance by deciding on excluding the duo of former RCA President Lalit Modi and his son Ruchir Modi (who fought for RCA Presidentship), from any future course of action. Trusted sources have informed that the decision was taken during a meeting attended by all the newly appointed office bearers that was held on the very next day (June 6) after Joshi took charge.

President Bhilwara DCA Rampal Sharma.


This was confirmed by the President of Bhilwara District Cricket Association (DCA) Rampal Sharma. “It was decided that all the districts including Nagaur and Alwar will be assigned responsibilities, but Lalit Modi and Ruchir Modi will be kept away from the rebuilding process of RCA. This decision had to be made as both of them are responsible for hampering the progress and bringing disrepute to the game in Rajasthan.”


Rampal Sharma is the chief architect of the former Central minister’s victory over the 22-year-old. He shared with ‘Caught In Slips’ that the purpose of having elections would have been defeated had Modis come into power at the state cricket association, as the contentious issue of the BCCI’s ban on RCA still would have persisted then. Revealing what impression the meeting by Ruchir had on the office bearers held by him on March 29, he said, “He gave a presentation on how to develop cricket in the state. But our point was why these plans were not implemented in last three years? How will they administer them now when they won’t get affiliation from BCCI? We were not convinced.”


“I was always opposed to Lalit Modi because when he cannot enter India, how can we expect him to run RCA?” the President of Bhilwara DCA said, adding that all 33 districts had first approached him for his advice. “We wanted somebody who had a great reputation and 24 districts approached CJ Joshi to convince him to fight for the President’s post.” Given that Joshi was assured of all the required support, he gave his nod. It wasn’t easy for them to get him on the block, but they convinced him on the ground that if he fights and wins, cricket will be able to breathe a fresh life all over again.

Rampal Sharma is confident that now with CP Joshi at the helm it will be very easy to break the longstanding deadlock between the BCCI and RCA. “Joshi ji is a respected man and shares a good relationship with people in BCCI. We are confident that we will get the BCCI affiliation back very soon. His influence will help run cricket smoothly.”


On June 5, when Joshi took charge as the president of RCA, he had said that everyone who has to contribute for the welfare of cricket in the state will be welcomed. It was his response when a scribe asked him about how he plans to work with the President of Alwar DCA Ruchir and President of Nagaur DCA Lalit Modi. He also made it clear that he has no personal grudges for anyone and all efforts in the direction of cricket are welcome.

Reason behind cornering the Modis may have roots in certain uncertainties that includes what stand will BCCI take on Lalit Modi who is still holding a post in the DCA. Moreover, it seems that till the cacophony over appointment of Ruchir Modi as the President of Alwar DCA does not settle down, he too won’t be accepted by the Joshi camp.


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