Junior LaMo’s Twitter account hacked?

Since long, President of Alwar District Cricket Association and Director of Godfrey Phillips India Ltd Ruchir Modi’s official handle had been favouriting tweets at an express speed. The tweets he was hitting ‘likes’ on ranged from Bollywood to politics, from cricket to business and were posted mostly by handles of the commoners. One of his recently favourited tweet was that of some Pakistani journalist that talked about biased team selection of the Pakistani’s cricket team. But let us bring to your notice the fact that these ‘favourites’ in no way represent Ruchir’s liking.

One of the recently favourited tweets.

It appeared to be a hacker’s hand behind the keyboard, but still doubtful and curious about what this compulsive ‘liking’ meant, ‘Caught In Slips’ clarified it from the young man himself on twitter and, quite expectedly, he was taken by surprise as his ‘liking spree’ was a revelation for him.

When asked- From past sometime it was on my mind. Let me not hesitate & ask- Who is pressing like button here @RuchirLModi #RandomLikes #JustOnAnything


Ruchir Modi replied from his verified Twitter account- Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Been #hacked it seems

The problem seems to have been fixed, as now there is only one favourited tweet that is visible on his official handle on the micro-blogging site. Though Twitter seems to have forgotten to revise the number of ‘LIKES’ as the profile is still flashing ‘5,758’.

The problem seems to have been fixed.

Ruchir Modi is the son of former Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner Lalit Modi.




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