On The Boundary Line

Entrance of the RCA Academy on Monday.

Amid The Grand Welcome Of RCA Prez CP Joshi, The Essence Of Swachch Bharat Went For A Toss

Who doesn’t love cleanliness? A clean surrounding is always appreciated. Though we usually take care of cleanliness at home, we often do not care when it comes to public places. In this context, the campaign Swachch Bharat that was launched by the Central Government three years ago hold a great promise of reaching and correcting the heart of the matter. It is probably one of those initiatives of the BJP government that has attracted no dissenters. The adage by Mahatma Gandhi- ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ has everyone’s ‘yes’, but still for a large section that is limited literally to the nod of the head.

It is a massive abhiyan that runs across institutions to public places and cities to villages. Having said that, the scenes at Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) Academy were quite reprehensible on Monday. It was the day when the former Congress Central minister CP Joshi took charge as the president of RCA and expecting a massive gathering, a pandal was put at the academy ground to accommodate his followers. Apart from putting up with 42°C whip ideally there should have been no other botherations, but incidentally there were many to say the least. Dustbins were almost conspicuous by their absence, at least I could not locate any.

The plastic water bottles that were made available were disposed off by the attendees right anywhere around the chairs they were sitting on. Within no time the entire area was littered with plastic that often grated under feet making people lose balance now and then as they moved around. Add to this the lunch time chaos that further piled up the trash. Worse was to stay alert and careful from the gutkha munchers who were spitting not just on the RCA Academy cricket ground but just anywhere, like louts who don’t care that people are standing next to them.

A man spit guthka at the RCA Academy cricket ground.

As the cricket ground assumed a new shabby look, the challenge for many present there was to balance between concentrating on what the new RCA President had to say and at the same time stay attentive to ensure going out clean sans the gutkha stains.

It was sheer disregard of the sports. Quoting the local Hindi daily Patrika- ‘the ground was reduced to a marriage garden’. Pandals that were put up to ward off the sun and for lunch, left several gaping holes on the cricket ground.


A large number of Congress workers and supporters were expected and they came. But, certainly, it was a poorly managed show.



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