‘I will take along every office bearer, state govt & fans alike to further the cause of cricket’

RCA president CP Joshi swamped by his supporters.

First priority of the RCA president CP Joshi is to get the BCCI’s ban on the state cricket association lifted as he assumes office

Following his victory in the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA), former Congress Central minister CP Joshi gave his victory speech at the RCA Academy on Monday, June 5. Braving skin scalding heat, several of his party supporters also made it to the venue to cheer him as he took charge as the president of the association, thus adding a thick political flavour to the occasion. Also present were various office bearers from different District Cricket Associations (DCA).

In a succinct address, Joshi shared about what pulled him towards cricket. “I was reluctant but various DCAs convinced me saying the game in Rajasthan is suffering and you must come forward for the president’s job. Considering that our players were not getting a chance to represent at the international level, with ban on Rajasthan Royals even the IPL matches were not scheduled at the Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Stadium and several such problems afflicted cricket in the state, I filed my nomination for the post.”

CP Joshi addressing a huge gathering after taking office.

Drawing parallels between politics and cricket, the RCA president said that the people have been questioning the relationship between the two professions which are as different as chalk and cheese and he has one thing to say that it is the consolidated effort of all the departments involved that counts and this is the very essence that links both of them. But he made it clear that two will be kept separated,

“Though, today as the president of RCA I say that politics will be kept at a distance and it will be just cricket that I plan to take forward with the support of everyone involved. We will take along every office bearer, state government and fans alike with primary focus on getting the ban revoked.”

Acknowledging that he is not in the thick of cricket action from past three years and needs to flip through a few recent happenings, he clarified that he will sit with all the office bearers to find out what exactly were the issues that led to the ban on RCA and accordingly will proceed to speak to BCCI. Joshi made it clear that his team will definitely seek government’s assistance and dismissed the role of party politics while running the sport set-up in the state.


“Yes we will work with the government as well for all of us are in support of the game and want it to progress. We all know that to hold a successful tournament we need everyone’s contribution and that includes government as well.”

He further shrugged off any rift between the people of his camp and the two office bearers from the Lalit Modi coterie, secretary Rajendra Singh Nandu and treasurer Pinkesh Jain. If the former was absent on the day, the latter gave a brief visit and largely remained on the sidelines.  “There exists no divide, we all will work in harmony to promote the cause of cricket.”

Though former RCA President Lalit Modi’s name was frequently dragged by media, Joshi dodged all the questions pertaining him with a terse reply- “Let’s focus on the future.”

Notably, it was on Saturday (June 3) that the two took charge and like Joshi, categorically denied existence of any friction. In a press release, Nandu stated his commitment for cricket and working as a team. He also cited his not being in the city due to family commitments as the reason for his absence from the event on Monday when the new RCA president and other three office bearers- vice-president Mohammed Iqbal, joint secretary Mahendra Nahar and executive member KK Nimawat took charge of their respective posts.

Only time will tell how the newly elected ‘team’ will execute its promises and responsibilities.

Attached herewith is the letter from Bikaner DCA to the RCA president seeking funds to organise state championships (click on the link below):

Letter from Bikaner DCA!


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