Sportsmanship & specially cricket holds a very soft place in my life: Ruchir Modi

Junior Modi’s statement has reminded me of sportsman spirit that for a while I forgot about. (An open letter to him)


When it comes to cricket, I am in my elements. Every player and team that I support evokes strong sentiments in me thus making me appear quite expressive and loud about my support. RCA elections were no different. I was supporting Team Modi and your loss has taken away from me my usual loquaciousness. Just to hide my hurt sentiments, I kept tweeting the updates and did not stop even after the result ended in favour of the other group. I was peerless for the media present at the RCA Academy appeared to be either in support of CP Joshi or went about covering the event as a part of their job, churning news like a machine sans emotions.

As far as I know, my support for you has roots in positives related to Lalit Modi that I heard from the state’s cricketers and fans. I bought into their thought which further strengthened when you entered into the scheme of things. With no past experience of covering high voltage RCA elections, all that my mind conceived was an image of a fresh mind who wanted to change the landscape of cricket in Rajasthan. When people came out hard on Lalit Modi, I argued that every man has frailties or turned a deaf year to their criticism. Even some people came out with an entire SWOT analysis of CP Joshi and Rungtas. But little did they knew that I have already created a mental picture of how RCA would look when you will be at the helm.

Just like it doesn’t matter from where Alastair Cook comes from, it didn’t matter what background  Ruchir Modi comes from. I vouch for Cook for the player he is and his ability, which I feel is immense. Experts have come out with scathing remarks against him, but my support stands unwavered. Same goes for my support for you. I have been very vocal about my support and that is why when you didn’t win I received calls of those people I pestered a lot with my monologues in favour of you. Moreover, when my boss did not give me satisfactory response on when he will carry your interview that I did, I ended up literally begging him to carry it. And it later became one of the reasons of my resignation from the organization.

To quote you- “Sportsmanship and specially cricket holds a very soft place in my life. And the RCA will always hold a very important spot in my heart…”

This remark has reminded me of why I started my blog- Caught In Slips (To speak about cricket in Rajasthan that no media gives much space to) and has given me a reason to be normal about the development for which I wasn’t prepared at all. Short on enthusiasm though, with sportsman spirit I will move forward making it sure I talk about elections and its results on my blog and show faith in the capability of the new president-elect.

Better luck next time. Hope to see you in and around cricket activities in Rajasthan.



Cricket enthusiast




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