I Always Ensure To Lead From Front, Says Rajasthan Skipper Pankaj Singh


The pacer turns 32 today & is still chasing his dream of making it to Team India. In a free reeling conversation he also shared his opinion on voting rights of players

“Out of all the cricketers who come here for training and gymming, it’s he who is most regular,” pointed out a concierge at the cafeteria of Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) Academy. Another jumped in to add how the humbleness of this player has rubbed off on his teammate Aniket Choudhary who happens to be his good friend as well. Pankaj Singh is the most decorated cricketer from Rajasthan. Of course cricket these days is a highly competitive and physically more demanding sport, and fitness is integral to it, but given that he is a veteran, a domestic stalwart in twilight years of his career, chances of making it to the international stage are almost not there now. For how long will his zeal for fitness routine stay intact? Isn’t the pessimism settling in for not making it again to Team India? One more year has gone, hasn’t the enthusiasm to hit the gym with same motivation waned a bit?

The Team Rajasthan skipper who has turned 32 today shrugged off questions with utmost conviction saying, “I am one more year experienced now and is smart enough to realise as a leader I have to set an example. Importantly, I am still chasing my dream to play for the country.”

May be that is why it is said that sports conveys greatness in action and only the most remarkable competitors keep chasing the end of the rainbow.


“Right now my thought process is that next year on the basis of how I perform and how I look at my life at that particular juncture will mould my decision. Till then I am not thinking about calling it quits,” the captain clears the air.

With new crop of players, it seems Team India has identified a set of players that Anil Kumble would like to build upon for the coming two years with Nathu Singh, Basil Thampi and Aniket Choudhary as a part of the scheme. In Kumble’s word it’s ‘keeping the team together’ that has produced good results. Such a scenario hasn’t disturbed the seamer. “That is their planning and outlook. I will continue to work harder because nothing in sports is confirmed. You never know when in what form an opportunity may come and knock your door,” he proclaims.


At another note, talking about players’ participation in RCA election, the burly man feels that giving players a right to vote is a positive development and he is of the opinion that the current players with certain experience should also be involved to take the game forward.

“Not just retired players but also the ones who are the seasoned players still pursuing the game must be involved. Ultimately it is their welfare that the administration will work for. Also, participation should be more than just giving the voting right as the ones who are still in the thick of action can communicate better regarding what they want.”


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