‘Neither Jr LaMo has majority support nor is he eligible to fight elections’


The Bhilwara district cricket association’s prez feels polls were called off unlawfully & labels Lalit Modi’s tweets as ‘irrelevant’

The tussle for power at Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) has reached a crescendo. After the late night announcement on arbitrarily calling off the election scheduled on April 26, CP Joshi faction dashed to the RCA Academy for a meeting with Executive Committee (EC) and to hold EGM in an attempt to address the matter on Sunday.
Bhilwara district cricket association president Rampal Sharma, who is at the forefront of the election proceedings from the Joshi camp vehemently pointed out that 25 district associations are vouching for them. He added, “I objected earlier as well, but they argued that it was the Supreme Court retired judge who gave his nod for the proceedings and now without calling any RCA EGM they canceled the elections.”
Moreover, Rampal pointed out that they had come with the intention of filing the nomination as it was the last day to do the same, but found everything locked. “At 12pm a notice was put regarding cancellation of the election. Had things been done ethically, we would have been informed by the election officer on the spot regarding the postponement and should have handed over to us a copy of the same notice,” alleged Rampal. He pointed out that in the absence of any hard copy they are not even in a position to move the court.
The popular belief is that the entire development has its roots in Modi not having enough support to back his candidate. “Neither Ruchir Modi has majority, nor is he eligible. They thought they will be able to rig the entire process and win easily,” claimed the Bhilwara president. RCA has made the necessary amendments in its constitution, but it still doesn’t reflect in the Act.
This has been a major stumbling block for the Modi coterie. Moreover, one of the amended clauses is the experience of at least 4 years at district level to contest the election while junior Modi is a newbie who is just certain months old as the president of the Alwar district cricket association.
He asserted that plans are to again hold a meet on April 24 and move court, “And if need be, we will also file FIR against them.”
RCA president Lalit Modi defended the move of putting elections on halt on the pretext of the registrar rejecting the amendments carried out in RCA constitution on the lines with Lodha recommendations mandated by Supreme Court. He dismissed the allegation that the postponement has come in the backdrop of the unchanged clauses in the state Sports Act that will benefit his son Ruchir Modi in making an entry into the state body.
Modi is clamouring for state government’s intervention claiming that the registrar has rejected the amendments carried out in RCA constitution that are based on Lodha recommendations. “I appeal to the State Government to kindly modify the State Sports Act to fall in line with the guidelines issued by the Lodha Commission and honourable Supreme Court and post that we can have the Elections,” he tweeted.
Calling Modi’s opinion as irrelevant, Rampal Sharma said, “Anyone can tweet and it doesn’t matter especially Lalit Modi who has been banned for life and he is unnecessarily giving his opinion which is irrelevant.”
It is being said that if there was anyone from the Modi faction who shifted loyalties, it was Nagaur district cricket association secretary Rajendra Singh Nandu. But Rampal Sharma said that everyone is with them and with ‘welfare of cricket’, barring a couple of people. He believes that the dwindling support is also one of the reasons why the election was cancelled.

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