Lodha Reforms Not In Consonance With State Sports Act: RCA deputy prez Abdi

In a riposte to the allegations by the CP Joshi camp, RCA deputy president Mehmood Abdi from the Lalit Modi coterie asserted in a statement released by the association that when the registrar cooperative societies of the state returned the amended constitution to RCA rejecting at least eight points which are not in conformity with the state Sports Act, they found themselves in a catch-22 situation.
“If we stick to the old constitution, it will defy Lodha Committee recommendations and the Supreme Court order. And if we go by Lodha reforms, it will be violation of sports Act under which RCA is constituted,” stated Abdi. He reiterated that is any state association holds its elections without following Lodha reforms it shall be void and will not be recognised by the BCCI. “As such, going ahead with election process would not only render the entire process of election void and illegal, but would just be a meaningless cosmetic exercise with consequence other than falling in line with defaulters of Supreme Court orders.”
In view of these developments, RCA brought the rejection of the amended constitution by the registrar of the cooperative societies to the notice of the electoral office. “Who after consultation with election observer Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra, retired Judge of Supreme Court decided to call off the election process since the amended constitution under which the entire process was initiated stands rejected by the appropriate authority.
Abdi made it clear that Under Section 22(b) of the Rajasthan Sports Act, going ahead with the election process would have rendered the RCA for disqualification and supersession by an ad hoc committee as if any association fails to holds its election in accordance with its bye laws. Interestingly, the present bye laws are not in conformity with the Lodha committee reforms.

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